About Video Games

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me: I love video games.

I love to play them, I love to talk about them, I love to write about them, and one day I hope to make them my living.

As such, I plan to write about them some more.

Expect to see notes about what I’m playing right now, thoughts on current events in the industry, and reflections on games from the past.

Don’t expect to see anything bleeding edge or current. By the time any game gets into my hands, it will probably have been out (and written about extensively) for a few weeks. Since I’m not a major publication, I can’t get preview builds or anything.

Also, I’ve got an extensive backlog of games to play, so as I revisit older games, expect to see some titles that have passed their expiration date on the blog.

That is all, good day.

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